Lebanon Amateur Radio Club

Lebanon, Missouri

Meeting Minutes

The following is the current month's minutes.  Below that are links to previous month's.

June Meeting

LARC Meeting Minutes-July 2, 2018
President: Dale K1USA
Vice President: Bernie WY0Q
Treasurer: Gary N0GW
Secretary; Greg WX0E

The July 2018 Lebanon Amateur Radio Club meeting was held at Dowds Catfish and BBQ Restaurant.
Those attending were: Gary N0GW, Bill K0DEW, John WA9LCY and Bernie WY0Q.
Treasurer’s Report: Club account combined total: $5,927.85

Old Business:
440 Repeater: Gary N0GW reimbursed.
Conway Repeater: repeater ready for install, waiting for convenient date for installation.

New Business:
Joplin Hamfest-August 25th
August Program: gary N0GW-Small Repeater display and demo.
Low meeting attendance decision: Change meeting location to member homes: K0DEW for August.
Send cards each month notifying folks of location.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa-2018 ARRL Midwest Convention August 4-5.
August 24-25 Joplin, Missouri

Net Controls for the 2-Meter LARC/ARES net held every Tuesday evening at 0100Z (7 P.M. CST/8 P.M. CDT)
July- Gary NY0Q


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