Lebanon Amateur Radio Club

Lebanon, Missouri

Meeting Minutes

The following is the current month's minutes.  Below that are links to previous month's.

July Meeting

LARC Meeting Minutes – July 2, 2017

President: Dale K1USA

Vice President: Bernie WY0Q

Treasurer: Gary N0GW

Secretary: Linda KF4MXF

The July 2017 Lebanon Amateur Radio Club meeting/BBQ was held at the Pruitt residence

Attending were:, Gary Wescom N0GW, Bernie WY0Q, Dale Pruitt K1USA, Joann Pruitt , Barbara Pruitt, Jason Pruitt, Mike Presnell WB0O, Mrs. Presnell, Bill Wheeler K0DEW

Treasurer’s report: Club Account combined total:

2-meter Ares Net Report for June 2017: Sessions-4/QNI-24 /QTC-0 Good Job Linda KF4MXF !


Old Business:

LARC July meeting/BBQ -

Dale provided tours of his shack.

Dale and Bill set up and tested the 43 foot vertical donated by John,
WB9LCY, and an MFJ high power external tuner for use on upcoming
DXpeditions. The test was a success.

Dale's son gave a demonstration of using a camera drone for inspecting
towers and antennas. That was impressive. He followed up by flying the
drone out around the region showing aerial shots of the terrain.

The evening was very pleasant for sitting on the porch while enjoying
hot dogs, hamburgers, and good company. No world problems were solved
but many enjoyable radio stories were exchanged.

Gary renewed the K0LH FCC club license;
registered the Biannual Missouri club non-profit;
paid the Club repeater equipment.;

and provided this month's minutes information

Thank-you gentlemen for all your hard work.

New Business:


* HAM TALK- misc.


Net control: Remember the 2-meter LARC ARES net is held every Tuesday evening at

0100 Z (7P.M. CST/8 P.M.CDT)


May: Daniel KE0EVO

June: Linda KF4MXF

July: Jeff KN4FRG

Aug: ???????????


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