Lebanon Amateur Radio Club

Lebanon, Missouri

Meeting Minutes

The following is the current month's minutes.  Below that are links to previous month's.

June Meeting

LARC Meeting Minutes – June 5, 2017

President: Dale K1USA

Vice President: Bernie WY0Q

Treasurer: Gary N0GW

Secretary: Linda KF4MXF

The June 2017 Lebanon Amateur Radio Club meeting was held at Dowds Catfish and BBQ Restaurant, Lebanon, MO.

Attending were: Linda Lathrop KF4MXF, Jim Lathrop KF4ECM, Len Rhett KE0MUL, Mike Steiro KE0BPJ, Jeanie Steiro XYL, Gary Wescom N0GW, Al Franke NZ2B, Marcia Franke KC2WCP, Bill Wheeler K0DEW, Dale Pruitt K1USA, Joann Pruitt XYL, Jeff Phillips KN4FRG, Jack Hale KB0ZPS

Treasurer’s report: Club Account combined total: $5,793.35. 50/50 is $13.00

2-meter Ares Net Report for May 2017: Sessions-5/QNI-40 /QTC-5 Good Job Daniel KE0EVO !

Old Business:

* HAM fests- Dayton HAMVENTION- mixed consensus.

With that in mind, several members expressed an interest in attending the HAMFESTS in Florida,

Germany, and Japan,

New Business:

Ozarks Boy Scout Association Radio Merit Badge- June 2, 2017- KN4FG, WB0OO, and K1USA participated in this event. Jeff reports that it was an enthusiastic success. The boys really enjoyed it. One young fellow may gone on to get his HAM license.

LARC July meeting- Dale and Joann Pruitt have graciously offered to host the July meeting as a BBQ burger N beans cookout potluck. They will supply the basics (soda/beer, burgers) . participants are asked to bring a dish.

This will be held Sunday July 2 about 2 P.M., in lieu of the regular LARC meeting at Dowd's.

See the map in LARC YAHOOGROUPS for directions.

Please let the Pruitts know ASAP if you plan to attend so they can get supplies in.

* HAM TALK- misc.

Net control: Remember the 2-meter LARC ARES net is held every Tuesday evening at

0100 Z (7P.M. CST/8 P.M.CDT)

April: Jim KF4ECM/Linda KF4MXF

May: Daniel KE0EVO

June: Linda KF4MXF

July: ???


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